Saturday, October 07, 2006


lagging on the updates, i know. i'm faking the dates. fyi.
it's 10/6, friday, and it's the lovely tita's bday. i love tita, i love good dinner and i love birthdays. lexi, fern, liz, jana, and few others all met up at cliff's edge for celebrations. i've been going to cliff's edge a lot lately. i think the food is ok, but it's not my favorite place... however the convenient location and outdoor seating are endlessly appealing qualities for my sect of friends. so we return - once again. immediately upon arrival i realize that i have no money on me. my bank account got highjacked this week by some wacko in illinois. he/she has been making large gas station purchases all over central illinois. i had to lock my account and snap my debit card in half. luckily sweet fern has come to the rescue. he's covering my meal for tonight. i order the coconut mojito. woah... that was just about the most perfect combination of tastes a cocktail could ever have. i highly suggest it. i order the mussels again, good flavor and nice portion as always. and then we feast on vegan cupcakes from m cafe (tita's another birthday celebrating vegan friend). i've said it before and will say it again. i'm bummed places like m cafe didn't exist when i was vegan. i would have most likely stayed vegan. well, maybe not. i'd prefer to be some sort of vegan hybrid. like a carnivegan. eat totally vegan except for when it came to steak. good steak. yummy steak. mmm steak... hi i'm ana, and i'm a carnivegan. i will eat all your organic veggies and vegan cupcakes and top it all off with a juicy rare steak. ok? ok!

after dinner ltaf and vivian come to meet us and we all head to the prince for more good times. the prince is definitely one of la's best kept secrets. the main attraction for me is that you can do here what you used to be able to do at lil joy and the roost and still can in the back room at spaceland. those in the know will know what i'm talking about. so not only can you do that but you can also order all kinds of strange korean-ish foods and beverages. we order a carafe of lime soju and peruse the strange menue. the menu at the prince is mostly in english with a four items only written in korean. i want badly to order one of the four korean-written items. they are secret, special secrets we english reading folks will never know of. i think that you may not be allowed to order them unless you speak korean. do not want to offend. however, one english written menu item that intrigued me and that i almost ordered was the last item on the second page of the menu. it just read "silkworms". ltaf, my adventurous epicurious friend, has of course tried said silkworms at this place. she said they come in a bowl... just a bunch of silkworms in a bowl. she, also a woman who can find something interesting to say about just about every type of randome cuisine, labeled the silkworms 'foul' and that they had the consistency of chewing on rubber pellets. mmmm... i'll pass. some more friends show up at the prince and we take over an entire corner. to fully appreciate the prince, you must witness first hand the catacomb-style set up. creepy rooms leading into other creepier rooms, red everywhere - red leather booths, red carpet, red walls, strange turn of the century european-style paintings of country-sides and horses erratically hung on the walls, korean mafioso-like families seated at large tables with plates of food that could serve three times their occupancy, so good. great conversation and way too many ounces of soju consumed. i need sleep. i go home by 2am.

good times.