Thursday, November 09, 2006


I will write an epilogue about October some time soon. The month itself was so ridiculous that I couldn't even find words to describe the events of it.

last night was the playstation 3 party at an abandoned dept store in beverly hills. tita and i made the excursion from silverlake... all i can say is that i love it when big huge corporations spend tons of money to show me a good time. being at the party was like being on one of those gameshows where you take the shopping cart and try to stuff it with as many boxes of ho-ho's and macademia nuts as you can. they had these 'departments' set up on the main floor, a candy area, a toy shop, clothing area, etc... and basically it was a free for all. you got to grab whatever items you wanted and keep them. i came out of the party with three enormous noise making plastic jungle animals (a lion, a tiger and an elephant), a gorilla that sings and dances to the 'macarena', a creepy mannequin head and a huge bag full of candy. just about every major a thru d list celebrity was also in attendance. some of my fav sightings included ian ziering from 90210, david arquette, kareem abdul jabar and xhibit. those are all four dudes i've definitley never run into at an la party... haha... i chatted it up w/ my sweeties the misshapes, james valentine, mark snake & cory k, cc vogue and chris cunningham, peter from dior, perez hilton, emile hirsch and sweet, sweet michael fenton. the night ended with a special performance from diddy for the masses and for me a few shots of vodka... my tita had abandoned me for the standard hotel but luckily michael fenton gave me a ride home. i passed out almost immediately upon entering his audi. he said i snored a bit. oops.

good times.

sweet misshapes

cory, paris & nicole

cory and mark in tv room

cory and i on

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