Monday, August 13, 2007


hi friends. leaving on a plane to peru tomorrow. i'm excited. first time i've returned to my birth country since i moved to america when i was six. i'll make sure to post pics and what not from the trip soon as i return, if not while im there for sure.

here are some recent adventures.
last night was tv night at the ana manor, lukey, rachy, titaee, natey, and harry all came over for our weekly entourage and flight of the conchords sessions. last night's foc episode was one of the best. loved it!

saturday night was another of kristi's art shows. prior to the show kristi, tita, ariele and i went to dinner at allegria. the restaruant is just a couple blocks from my house and even though i really don't like mexican food it's one of the better mexican joints in LA. i remember when i first met jemaine from flight of the conchords he had told me allegria was his fav restaurant. i guess before they filmed this season the two of them lived in la and in my hood in silverlake and frequented the spot often. i do have a bit of school-girl crush on those guys. have met jemaine a few times but never bret. we always assumed he was the 'stay home' dude and jemaine 'the party dude'. anyway, halfway through dinner the ellusive bret walks into the restaurant, places an order and then leaves. we were kind of giggling a bit in excitement. he of course noticed so we immediately tried to play it cool. so lame. so funny. but i must say its really nice to get this goofy about a show and two normal dudes. i would way rather see these guys out and about than just about any other hollywood faces. maybe even more so than benicio. that's saying a lot.

on friday night, the hanson brothers (taylor, zachary and isaac) took me out to dinner. we had a four hour long sit down at cliff's edge and talked about everythign under the sun. i swear these three brothers are my new best friends. i love them, adore them. they are by far some of the sweetest and most intelligent kids i've met in a long time.

here's a pic of taylor and i at dinner.

here is elhaam with zach and isaac.

after diner we went to the new swanky bar the green door. zach danced his booty off. we ran into the like girls (charlotte, tennessee and z), and the maroon 5 boys (adam and james). chris holmes and adam 12 were djing for the mixed crowd of hipsters and celebrities. leonardo dicaprio was there with an underdressed entourage. it's funny how a friend of ours was not let in to the club for wearing sneakers and leonardo and his crew show up in baseball caps and sweat pants and they are escorted right in and given the finest table. well, his buddy lukas haas was dressed to the nines as he usually is but the rest looked as bedheaded as possible. we had lots of fun at the club -- dancing, drinking, dancing, watching zac braff storm out of the bar after an altercation with a bus boy. haha... after the bar closed we all winded up beachwood canyon to adam levine's house. he has one of my favorite after party homes. his parties go way into the night and never get shut down. an amazing feat for a house in the canyons. around 5am it was time to call it quits. the hanson boys had their wives and kids driving into town on saturday afternoon.

thursday was spent at home. much needed 'ana night'

wednesday was jeremy scott's birthday. cory planned his party at green door. it was such a good time. jeremy is just about the hardest working boy in hollywood and as a result is one of the best designers in the world. i love him so much. him and i were giggling over the fact that we were both on IM until late that night - still working..., he almost showed up late to his on bday because he was trying to finish work. i've done the same thing. show up late to your own event because you can't rip yourself away from the inbox. ugh. also in attendance were jeremy's cute assistant kazu, gregorii, jeff & jacob, twins chad & chris cunningham, minicobrasnake ron, and the way cute entourage of crazy colorful carnival style girls and boys always trailing the lovely jeremy around.

kazu (jeremy's asst) and birthday boy himself!

cory's two faces

cory and i at the dime