Friday, September 28, 2007


omg kiddies, do you ever just crave sleep and cable tv and take out food over party-time central? i'm so in that mode right now. i almost i wish i lived back in kansas, circa the 90s, when the most exciting thing to do on a friday night was gather in the gas station parking lot, smoke cigarettes and see if any crackheads were just high enough to buy us a mickey's deuce deuce without running away with our fiv'er... oh those days are long and gone and life is just plain wacky.

this week was intense at work and play. each day packed with all kinds of emergencies that requrired too much attention and each night was packed with events/shows and parties that required little sleep. i managed to DJ like twelve times (twice last night alone). i'm actually a pretty horrible dj so it's kind of funny how peeps keep asking me to do it. i must say tho, being behind a dj booth gives you this power unlike anyother. you get to pick out the songs that twenty, fifty sometimes hundreds of people HAVE TO HEAR. it's not like they can turn off their ears. they are stuck there, no running away from it, no changing the channel. i equate it to something like sitting behind a serious farter on an airplane. really, where can you go? you're stuck there with the smell, you can't turn your nose off or else you suffocate... anyway, i am the farter that is here to take over your ear drums one club night at a time...

it's almost 11:30PM on a friday night and i'm still sitting here at the dim mak hq and i just got done putting together our VIP list for the festival we are putting on tomorrow. we are soooooo over our quota for the VIP and backstage area... but seriously, how can we turn down all the good people. throwing parties is fun and all but sometimes having to accomodate hundreds of people because they are your friends can be tough... but, everyone in my world is a VIP to me. everyone.

ok i'm tired. i'm going home to go to bed. if you're in LA and want to come out to NEIGHBORHOOD FESTIVAL you should. it's going to be dance party madness fun.

on sunday i'm heading to swerve fest for some bands and stuff and on monday i'm djing this party at beauty bar (holy crap did they say mike joyce is djing too? all i can say is i met mike joyce eve that i lost my v many many moons ago). woah. please come hang with me.

see ya all around town.

ps check out the amazing pics from old bff's graham and suzie's wedding last week in big sur. i fell in love with the idea of love. seriously, it was all those sappy emotions all wrapped up into one very gorgeous weekend. please don't barf at my sentiments. thanks from the peanut gallery.