Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So PASH last week at the ROOM was just about the most fun a night in a bar could be. all the best buddies, best tunes, best everything. if you missed it you can check out photos here. it was good to see everyone!

the night before i went to go see BJORK at the nokia theater downtown. opening up were super buddy mike's band RATATAT. they were soooo good. it was great to see them in yet another enormous venue (last time was the show w/ daft punk at the coliseum). after BJORK's set i went backstage to meet up with mike and andrea and jeremy scott and his sweet crew. we had a dance party and lil ms. Bjork actually DJ'd and danced with us. Super fun. she dj'ed lots of R. Kelly and Peaches and we danced and danced.

anyway, tomorrow night i'm djing this special event in collab w/ RHINO Records. Rhino has opened a little experience pop-up store over on 3rd street. tomorrow is country night (GRAM PARSONS/EMYLOU HARRIS EVENT) and i'm brining my friend brock and we're gonna show off some country tunes. anyone that knows me knows that gram parsons is my favorite. you can see more about the pop up store at this website www.rhino.com/popupstore .... and check the flyer below for details.

hope to see you there!!!!!

...also stay tuned on tomorrow for info on PASH (i'm djing again and you're all invited)!