Thursday, June 05, 2008

notes and pash and pash swim!!!!

note to friends: lots of rumors circulating around... just want to make sure everyone knows we are not ending la boum @ 86. we just took the week off this week. the club had booked a special private party for USC and gave us the option to have our night coincide with the party or just take the week off. rather than have all you homies around a bunch of strangers..... and add us not having 100% control of the door.... we decided to take a week off... vacation. we all went to the mgmt show at the avalon instead and everyone got properly weird. lovely times.

we'll be back next week, hotter than ever. stay tuned for details.

password: bloodcat

best new summer party in LA. party is free for super homies and everyone else should email to be added to the priority pay list. or if you're a personal friend of mr. heath... you can check in with him at the door and he'll slide you thru.