Friday, January 16, 2009

ana says this is where you should hang in silverlake/echo park.

1.local - this is a new restaurant right down the street from me on sunset blvd, near parkman ave. they are an all local/organic produce establishment. i highly suggest the albondigas burger with spicy fries and their homemade ranch. woah. so delicious. they also have a great organic salad bar with yummy salad stuffs another other delish things like eggless salad and hummus. only downside here is that they don't serve any booze... however, they do seem to have a pretty flexible corking situation going on, so bring a bottle or head over to silversun liquor a few doors down.

2. pho cafe - another walking distance establishment from mi casa. pho has been my lifesaving go-to when i need a serious hangover cure. order the tofu soup or the #14. it's a yummy tofu and mushroom soup, lotsa mushrooms of different varieties. the broth comes pretty standard but they serve all these great little flavor adds like mint leaves, bean sprouts, fish sauce, chili sauce, jalapenos and my personal fave LIME. supposedly it's moderately offensive to add too many condiments to the broth but i have discovered that the more lime and chili and fish sauce i add to my bowl the faster my hangover disappears and the tastier the soup becomes. also a great cure for colds and bouts of lethargy. they do serve booze, just hot/cold sake or a selection of asian beers.

3. cafe tropical - tropical is my coffee shop. this is where i wake up. their coffee is probably the strongest in LA so it's nice that it's mere feet away from my front door. my pal/neighbor tita just discovered the mocha version is made with ibarra chocolate (which is vegan for all you veganites). so we started ordering a iced soy mocha. it makes wake-up coffee fun and still 10 times stronger than anything starbucks could ever make you. i still dig the traditional iced coffee with soy. unless you specify they always serve every coffee with 2% milk. the pastries and sandwiches are pretty fantastic as well. i usually get an egg sandwich with veggies in the morning. i prefer the regular bread to the croissants. they will also usually tolerate 'build-your-own' sandwiches, which is what i do. and everyone must at one point in their life try the various guava pastries, i prefer the guava empanada. also a great spot to go to when working from home has too much distraction, free wireless.

4. the little joy- this was the first ever bar i went to when i moved to la six + years ago. back then it was 1/2 echo park/silverlake hip kids and half gay mexican cowboys. really amazing juxtaposition now that i think of it. we used to fight over the jukebox songs. every now we'd meet in the middle and dance to johnny cash together. tamale guy was there every night. it has always been and will continue to be one of the most affordable bars in LA. my personal favorite drink to order is either the mescal on ice or the famous 'richard' or 'mexican iced tea' which consists of a draught glass of pbr over ice and copious amounts of lime. beer cocktail. the bar was recently renovated but it still maintains its dirty grimey lovely charm. the juke box nowadays is filled with the likes of dylan, burrito brothers, sun ra, captain beefheart... i put in $5 every time i come. definitely best juke in town.

that's good for now, coming up... why you should love dusty's, flore, taix, silversun liquors, silverlake pharmacy, cafe stella, intelligentsia, the sunset junction farmer's market, pazzo gelato, taco zone taco truck, american vintage...