Saturday, March 14, 2009

little radio playlists

ps: here are the playlists from the last two weeks of shows. this next week will be live broadcast from sxsw. will try to make an appearance.

ana says little radio set from 3/4/09

os mutantes - my girl
alela diane - my brambles
rolling stones - she's like a rainbow
book of love - book of love
the kinks - took my baby home
the creation - cool jerk
vetiver - won't be me
hecuba - suffering
honey brown - the lonlyest broad in town
el polen - mi cueva
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
OMD - electricity
pogues - rain street
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes - home
soko - how are you
megapuss - adam & steve
the street & babe shadow - my baby
Tussle - track 1
fool's gold - night dancing
war paint - billie holiday
Staple Sisters - the weight (cover of The Band song)
flying burrito brothers - sin city
happy mondays - 24 hour party people
the smiths - pretty girls make graves
little joy - brand new start
beatles - come together

ana says little radio set from 3/11/09

os mutatantes - my girl
little joy - next time around
warpaint - billie holiday
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - janglin'
captain beefheart - yellow brick road
bob dylan - maggie's farm
entrance band - grim reaper blues
ted lucas - plain and sane and simple melody
Beirut - Nantes
Belle & Sebastien - Electric Renaissance
jesus & mary chain - down on me
walkmen - in the new year
honey brown - loneliest broad in town
megapuss - crop circle jerk '94
fleet foxes - quiet houses
steeler's wheel - stuck in the middle with you
beatles - wait
kinks - autumn almanac
orange juice - falling and laughing
arlo guthrie - city of new orleans
alela diane - to be still
los mirlos - sonido amazonico
chaka khan - sweet thing
roxy music - more than this
sonics - it's alright
jonathan richmond - dancing in a lesbian bar
the dodos - walking
eddie murphy - (my girl likes to) party all the time