Monday, August 24, 2009

a few of my favorite things.

going to start this new little section of the blog and call it 'a few of my favorite things'... as the title suggests here are a few of my favorite things.

ana's favorite things - daily pharmacy products.

nouba millebaci long lasting lip color #7

1. red lipstick - everyone always asks me the color i use. well i found my current red lipstick obsession almost a year ago at le pink & co apothecary in silverlake. rumor has it that nouba was started by one of the original partners in nars. seems pretty obvious based on the quality and packaging of the nouba line. the brand is hard to find in the US. if you live in LA head over to le pink, if not an angeleno you can find some of their products, including my color, nouba millebaci long lasting lip color #7, at (note the drop down menu for color options, the one on display is just a sample.) i highly suggest this color for any skin tone. one application lasts all day long. i have a joke though, if you're getting ready to go out and don't perfectly apply the #7 to your lips, it's time to stay in for the night. one smear away from the lip lines and you've got 20 minutes added in your routine to reapply. the color takes a full force makeup remover to disengage your lips/face/boyfriend's neck. i am a champ at putting on red lipstick.

hinoki eau de toilette by comme des garcons x monocle: scent one

2. cologne - over recent years i have self-diagnosed myself as having a 'hypersensitive sense of smell'. i can really smell everything!! like a hound dog. as a result, finding colognes that don't give me headaches has always been an issue. most of my life i've stuck with sensory pleasing essential oils like lavender, musk, cedar, etc... i tried out l'artisan mure et musc for a year or so, it was a good cologne but not the best, always felt there was somthing more suited for me out there... the second i first sniffed a bottle of commes de garcon's 'hinoki: scent one' in the men's section at confederacy in los feliz i was hooked. yes it's a men's cologne but i think it's pretty unisex. hinoki is the first in what is supposed to be more collaborations between commes fragrance and the upscale men's magazing monocle. the fragrance is said to have notes of notes of cypress, turpentine, camphor, cedar, thyme, pine, georgian wood, frankincense, moss and vetiver and was inspired by the aromas in a japanese bath... i can sense most of those flavors... but turpentine? random. it's not an affordable bottle by any means. every now and then a bottle will pop up on ebay for $120 or so, otherwise the bottle will arbitrarily run you anywhere between $140-200. i suggest it for any man or woman who enjoys a fine rare steak with a dirty dirty martini but also loves to eat psychedelic chocolate mushrooms and roam around joshua tree at night. a lil chic a lil hippie.