Friday, March 05, 2010


after manifest equality....

please come join us in the downstairs lounge at h.wood friday. we're going to have our friends who normally run the lounge on saturdays come dj with us this week too (h.wood closed for oscars saturday).

also we want to let you know that this is the last week of abba fridays... next week will be the launch of a brand new amazing night with the abba folks and some incredible la nightlife buddies. we're teaming up with some of your favorite djs/hosts to start a brand new friday night at h.wood that will be taking over the whole bar (not just the lounge). it's going to be pretty amazing, stay tuned for details.

this week....


Ana Calderon
Brittany Burk
BJ Panda Bear (is at paris fashion week)
AJ English

+ guest DJ

Amika Akaya, Adam Moonves and Rony Alwin as CATS & TATS

Say simply ABBA at the door to indicate your affiliation.