Friday, January 19, 2007


( i will try to update at least by every friday)

in case you didn't know it seems that the parents of a huge sect of my friends were doing the wild thing in the month of april. i know more capricorns than not. it has made the month of january quite full of dinners and debauchery. i'm into it.

last friday started another week of bday celebrations with sweet jack burnside's bday festivites at his and rachy racherson's humble abode. we decide to start the pre-party at my house. nate nate, cory, faust, jana, jared, andy, brent come by and we have some beers and cocktails and caravan over to jack's. jack's party was lovely and scattered with most of my fav people in la.. jack, rachel, tita, jimmy, tehra, dan, beau, michelle, cory, nate, jared, andy, etc... almost as soon as we arrive a gaggle of cory groupies show up on the doorstep. jack's intimate bday gathering is suddenly splattered with obnoxious overly sedated and over cracked out kids. cory tell them it's not a public party, they don't listen and proceed to enter the house. 30 minutes and few stolen bottles of booze later we get the last of them out of the house. sorry jack & rach. this all stressed poor lil cory out so much that she retreated to jack & rach's bedroom and took a nap w/ charlie the cat. during cory's 4 hours of slumber i manage to get totally blitzed off jack's sugar-infused lemony rum conction. memories are hazy once again but stand out points are getting some therapy from michelle (love it), eating funny chocolates and falling down a hill.

so i stayed home saturday night after waking up with the worst sugar-booze hangover since my last barragans margarita o.d. but sunday, glorious sunday is here. sunday is the day that kristi, jimmy, dean, tita and i devote to our friends hbo and showtime. they all come over to our place, we consume copious amounts of wine and scotch and eat random dinners usually consiting of popcorn, potato chips and other ridiculous snacks. we spent the end of 06 with a serious dexter addiction. however season one is over and we worried that our sundays were done until the new season started... luckily we discovered the l word. oh shane. i love the l word and have serious crush on shane. holy crap. totally not a lesbian but would consider the conversion is shane would have me. i share this crush with tita, tehra and even dean i think. l word at my house every sunday. followed by a new favorite rome. it's l word at 7, food and drinks from 8-9, then rome at 9. perfect night.

monday was my old best friend pete's bday. in true pete style he had a pizza party at nicky d's pizza. pete and kelley just got back from nyc where pete was finishing up filming of his new movie. pete is dear boy. a dear creepy mustache boy. i need to hang out w/ pete more. this was party number one of two bday celebrations for monday...

creepy stache pete

ana w/ bday boy #1

second birthday party of the night. another old pal michael tapper is in la to celebrate his bday with his lady friend and west cost pals. this boy is a resident of the world. his official apartment is in nyc but he spends much of his time in the uk and europe as well as in la. i've also hung out w/ this dude in austin and kansas city before. man of the world with his great band we are scientists. his bday part was at a duplex in echo park. good crowd of friends like lauren, ryan, elena, lacy and more. there were two pinatas. tapper hit first and then totally managed to pulverize the poor paper thing revealing one solitary prize within, a big purple jelly dildo. tapper fell in love right away and spent the rest of the night waving suggestive mannerisms at all who passed him. one cupcake and 12 champagne cocktails later andy, jana, tita, jared and i caravanned to lil joy for our nightcaps. then i got abducted by aliens and jammed on the tambourine at jared's house until who knows when.

ana w/ bday boy #2

tapper pre-pinata

tapper and his new friend

andy and the tambourine the aliens gave me

the rest of pete and tapper bday photos here.

tuesday is the ever so sweet paige's birthday celebration. we start out the night's festivities at my favorite steakhouse in all of los angeles, Taylor's. i used to live in ktown and found out about this place from a friend. i've mentioned before that the only meat i really like are fish and good steak. if there is a way for me to only eat those two things for the rest of my life i'd be a happy girl. well, taylor's actually makes that dream a viable option. this 60 year old steakhouse has a super delicious affordable menu. you can get amazing cuts served up with all the fixins of a fresh dinner salad, perfectly baked potato, yummy steamed veggie side and if you bring your own bottle of wine you can down as many glasses as you want for a minimal corking fee. i ordered a rare prime rib and ask for extra horseradish. too perfect. joining us at dinner were luke, paige's boyfriend and one of my favorite people in the world, charlotte, nellie, tiffany, mintee and a couple friend of paige's. we slowly chomped on our steaks and chatted about all the great things a big table of adults with interesting jobs talk about... celebrity gossip of course. after dinner we head over to the orchid for karaoke and to meet up with the rest of the party crew. all the buddies came out, nate, cory, scott, cc, shane, dan, jack, rachel, kristi, tita, jimmy, dean... it was a blast. highlights include cc & shane sneaking in a bottle of jack to soothe the vocal cords, luke 'hot hot heat' and charlotte 'the like' abba cover duet, dan singing his mariah carey heart out, andy and his fantasy metal performance and getting a headache after abusing the helium.

nellie & charlotte start the night off with the first song

cc, paige and cory harmonize the monkees

cc & shane aka the whiskey smugglers

paigey face and her vegan cake

pretty boy ford keeps away from the mic

early spiderman call-time james and his gal pal

sweaty ana and serious luke

dan horne (axl) knows baseball

the rest of paige bday photos here.

two nights in a row of over-excitement warranted a night off. so i stayed home wednesday... thursday was another story. it had been almost a month since i'd seen my good friend melissa. i was in kansas visiting family and when i came back she was already in nyc to celebrate nye with her charming boyfriend parker. so melissa and i make plans to get a late dinner at the neighborhood wine bar dusty's. we order a bottle of wine and decide to share the warm gorgonzola salad and mussels and green bean salad. the gorgonzola salad was perfect -- great greens mixture, nuts and fruit and other veggies, i love a good combination of bitter and sweet in a salad. i can't handle too much of either so when it's a perfect balance i'm happy. we are having great conversation, like the kind of conversation you'd imagine in some gen x buddy film where two people wax on about how the way we do things is the right way, the way we think is the right way, the way we love is the right way... we're empowered and happy. then suddenly we are attacked with the foul foul breeze of our second course mussels. holy crap, they smelled like the bottom of a dumpster and tasted a little better. we each try one, barf in our mouths a bit and call over the waitress. she informs us we weren't the only ones that complained. you'd think after one complaint you'd stop offering... but no we were still subjected the funk. we replace it with the tuna tartare and are once again satisfied. nate comes and meets us and we all head over to little joy. melissa goes straight for the pool table, me for the bar. pete, bryce and their crew show up as well as old kansas pal jake. i introduce jake to 'the richard', my favorite 'economical' drink at lil joy. it's basically pbr beer on ice with lots of lime. it's actually quite refreshing. the trick is to order separately the beer and the cup w/ ice and lime. otherwise you are given less beer and still charged the same amount. we drink our drinks, play catch up and stare at how handsome chris robinson has become since his divorce. he's become a little joy groupie like the rest of us. i like it.

bryce smiles ana frowns

old pal jake cardwell

elliot and melissa go green

good times.

photos from my camera.