Friday, January 12, 2007


so here we are in 2007 and i have decided that since i can't remember what i've done since the months i abandoned my blog i realize i need to start documenting again. damn this short term memory. also, my momma got me a new camera so now not only can i blog but i can give you my own photos. it's all too good, i know.

first off before i get to the fun stuff. today in the news there was a story coming out of idaho that got my blood boiling... so much so that i have taken up my college years angst and have decided to join up with some friends and take some action.

all you people out there, boycott idaho potatoes until the stupid jerkface running the state of idaho reinstates the ban on killing grey wolves. you can read more about it here. it's pretty disgusting what these freaks are doing over there in idaho. this quote in particular from governor "Butch" Otter makes me want to punch him in the balls...

"I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself," Otter said earlier Thursday during a rally of about 300 hunters. Otter complained that wolves are rapidly killing elk and other animals essential to Idaho's multimillion-dollar hunting industry. The hunters, many wearing camouflage clothing and blaze-orange caps, applauded wildly during his comments.

so my pals and i are starting a myspace page here! be our friend. we're going to show those backward, wolf killing dickheads we don't stand for it. for now my friends, no idaho potatoes. save wolf lives, boycott yer fries.

ok on to the fun stuff....

it's golden globes week in la and all the fancy clubs are hosting all the fancy magazines and fancy people to celebrate all that is hollywood. i decided to partake in one festivity last night. good buddies geoff renaud and jessie rubin were throwing the w magazine golden globes preview party at the terrace at sunset tower. i invited cory (with her sweet vintage pucci dress and brand new marni bag) and sweet jack out to the festivities. we arrive a good hour late but not too late to miss the open bar and nice food. you can check out wire images pics from the night here. highlights include realizing that jenna elfman is the tallest woman i've ever seen and phillip bloch is way cooler than you. i swear elfman must be at least 6'1" and on top of that she was wearing 4" heels -- sooo tall, cory had a hard time not making some comments, i had hard time not laughing at cory's comments... towering at the tower she was. and phillip bloch, my new favorite person, came to sit by us near the pool. he goes to grab the copy of w magazine sitting in front of me and asks if he can use it, i say 'sure'. he then proceeds to whip out a little baggie of the green stuff and pours it out on the mag. it was like watching some sort of voodoo ritual, famous fashion stylist for the masses disgraces holy bible of fashion by rolling a j on it... so sweet. i giggle and snicker at him "i like the way you roll man, literally!" then we fell in love. the jaded indie music exec and the gay fashion stylist to the stars. we shared a j, talked about our passions and bid our farewells. love me some bloch. first time i've gotten stoned in a long time. gracias bloch.

pics from the night.

sweet boy chris holmes was at the party too, here w/ cory

daughter cory and momma ana

jack skullset and his 'perfect hoodie'

cory bummed out at how tall the elfman was

we got super swanky gift bags courtesy of w mag, nars, stuart weitzman and bedhead.... sweet.

after the party cory, jack and myself went to the 101 cafe for some grub.

sweet cassie came and joined us...

flossing is important

then cassie and i skipped away from the kids and headed to social

we both love myles, check out his band bloodcat love. rocknroll

after social cassie and i headed to silverlake and to the cha cha for camille's bday party.

i was pooped from the greens i consumed. makes me sleepy and not very interesting company. oldest friend in la, graham, came by and took me home.

right now, i'm heading out to see deadly syndrome play down the street from mi casa at silverlake lounge and after that it's the famous jack burnside's bday party at he and sweet rachel's home. silverlake nights.

good times.