Thursday, July 02, 2009

आना सय्स रेडियो. लिटिल रेडियो प्लेलिस्ट.

ana says - little radio playlist 7.1.09

my girl - os mutantes
nadine - fools gold
coulibaly - amadou & mariam
chatma - tinariwen
i can't be bothered to open my eyes - soko
hey, that's no way to say goodbye - leonard cohen
words of love - buddy holly
steady rolling - two gallants
every christian lion hearted man will show you - bee gees
i'm on fire - white arrows
subteranean homesick blues - bob dylan
in my room - beach boys
twisted tongue - woods family creeps
he war - cat power
heart of gold - neil young

liars lay in hell
goodbye paris
we can work it out
eat me now, you can
happy hippie birthday
it's hard to be alone / i hardly see the truth
ask and you shall recieve

hey good lookin' - hank williams