Saturday, September 16, 2006


i've been riding the bus to/from work lately. it's a straight trip down sunset blvd from silverlake to hollywood. every day is an adventure in the serious oddities of los angeles. like being in a ghetto john waters movie. my ride yesterday involved a dirty, smelly dude passed out in the back and an unidentified liquid flowing down to the front of the bus making a river around our shoes. like a game of telephone from the front to the back and in our many languages we communicate 'what is that?' the messenger in the back let us know it was just the passed out bum's tallboy can of miller spilling over. if you know me, that's a good thing. had that been piss, well, i'd most likely have been the passed out freak on the bus.

it was a late start to the evening. got home around 8 but rather than go right out i decided to make my friend dan a myspace page. he's been on the road with ben kweller and has wifi on the bus. i've since convinced him to get IM and a personal myspace page. but he's a lil' too cool to make it himself so i obliged to make it for him. making someone a myspace page is like knitting them a sweater. it's so personal. there are little time consuming delicacies you have to take into consideration... like their style and how they want to be portrayed on the information super highway. grandma ana decided to go with a bbq and sf giants theme. i think it's genius. go be his friend.

kristi waited patiently for me to finish my online goofing off and for my friend scott to come over so we could all go to pash at vine bar. i love pash. it's hosted by lovely sarah, myles and david. myles is one of my favorite djs. he plays all the great classic rock songs along with perfect mix of 90s indie rock and current hits. always a dance party. we didn't roll in until almost 1am so we only had an hour to fill up our bar tabs. scott is just about the nicest dude i've ever met in my life. he's like this little pillow of sweetness that you want to fold up and put in your pocket. i want to eat his cheeks everytime i see him. that's a good thing. scott and i get our drinks and smokes on. i introduce him to some friends. scott tends to stay on the eastside so it's nice to have him in hollywood. finally ran into alexi and her birthday celebrating boyfriend chris. chris buys me a drink on his birthday, such a crazy guy. his energy is intense. i love it... i miss alexi. her acting career has been swooping. she's going to be huge. mark my words. she just wrapped a feature, she's also in factory girl (edie sedgwick story) coming out later in the year, gorgeous girl with such awesome spirit.... i love her. we dance around and i get drunk fast (didn't eat dinner i later realized). lovely megan my former roomie comes to meet us and i make her my surrogate dancer so that kristi could have a partner on the dancefloor. i was consumed with consuming as much johnny walker scotch as possible. i think i had two full glasses at one point. fun times, run into myles, sarah, kristin, jason, and a very stressed out david. the bar closes and we somehow convince alexi and chris to host the afterparty.

chris, with his flow from being in the huge rock band jet, has bought the most spectactular hollywood hills home. it's so incredible, like the kind of house you could get lost in. there are so many rooms and the way they lead into each other and are separated by random staircases reminds me of an adult treehouse. the hang-out room features a ginormous beanbag big enough for 10, a plush couch, a sweet pool table, a dj booth and the walls are plastered with incredible photos alexi's father photographed, the stones, jack nicholson, beatles... amazing. i get my glass of wine and head for the record collection. chris has an killer record collection. i pull out some beefheart, bowie, paul mccartney, etc and we kick out the jams. i did some pretty poor 'technical' djing but i played great songs. sarah, myles, xany and some other sweet peeps are hanging... most of the rest of the eve is blur. i remember coming close to passing out on the previously mentioned plush couch and that must have been the green light to go home. scotty foof's thanks for driving us.

good times.