Friday, September 15, 2006


last night was an accidental ladies night out. left the dim mak hq around 7:30. was picked up by the lovely ltaf freshly recovered from her john legend video styling hangover. this girl has got style like you wouldn't believe. i love when she takes off a jacket or puts a scarf on the table to reveal the fabulous designer tag you would have never guessed. she likes simple and classic and dark. marc jacobs, lanvin, chloe, dries van noten, etc... i miss her. looking forward to our din-din.

we ride in her wardrobe stuffed audi station wagon east from hollywood. we're hungry for good food. we pass bowery, magnolia, malo, stella, on our drive east on sunset blvd and settle on cliff's edge in silverlake because of the appealing thought of the 'garden dining experience' and smoke at your table allowance. it's so rare to have a waiter at a restaurant deliver you an ashtray. feels kind of wrong. a good kind of wrong though. mariko and tita come to meet us and we have full-fledged impromptu ladies dining experience ala sex and the city. i'm totally the samantha, nerd. i embarass ltaf when i pronounce bitburger like bittenberger to the waiter. we get the french fries with gorgonzola dipping sauce for starter. a couple beers and a cigarette. i shouldn't eat cheese. bad for me. but so good going down. order the mussels for dinner. great conversation. great friends. i need to go see the banksy exhibit downtown. don't forget.

we bid our farewells to tita and mariko and meet up with my roomie kristi to head out to 'le partie' at the social. it's one of my new favorite nights in la. put on by the sweetest of all dudes, david & david. ltaf needs to change, she's been working all day. we run her home, wait in the car for literally only 3 mins and she returns looking like anna wintour. dries scarf, new chloe ballet flats, etc... and she brings me this yummy marc jacobs cape to make me a lil fancier. we stroll in and order our ridiculously expensive cocktails and totally boy-watch to the max. serious eye-candy at 'le partie'. so many lovely, handsome, stylish fellas. we run into pete, rickett, alex ima robot, david & david, sean patrick, see melissa my long lost friend for a quick flash, chris holmes, cc vogue, living things bros, sweet shayne, and a few others. i really need to make friends with more ladies. the social got me sufficiently wasted. i went from calm and conversational to wasted and dance party by the time i filled up my $67 bar tab. kristi has a crush on this dude who drives a jaguar. i make fun of her all the time for it. anyway we decide to give her the rest of the eve and find out where he's afterpartying. we get invited by alex, chris and crew to the first afterparty, her crush is said to make an appearance.

kristi, ltaf and i pull the car out of valet and head east to the vanguard. i really despise this club. we used to do a night there last year in the upstairs vip lounge. it was a nightmare. even though our weekly event was supposed to be private, sleezy bro-dudes would constantly grease the bouncers with $100 bills to get upstairs. i would defeatedly fume when some total dickbrains would come up and non-ironicly dance to britney spears and or hit on me or my friends. but vanguard is hosting soul wax tonight and an all night rave is to ensue. we slip past the door dude and run to the dance floor. total rave. strobe lights, people wearing glow sticks, seriously loud techno-techno. i usually hate that shizz but tonight i want to dance. i hop around like batman in my cape. dancing dancing when this lil fella comes up to me and i see that it's super awesome buddy dave p from philly. he's on tour with soul wax. excitedly we dance away the rest of the set with him. kristi's crush is a no-show so i try to get her and mr. p to fall in love on the dance floor. kristi has got some serious moves. it didn't work. she loves jaguars. oh well. dance some more with apple ron, devon, dave p, shane, maroon 5 dude and others and chris holmes invites us over for the afterparty to the afterparty. it's so late. we head to his house. park in front and realize that we need to call it a night. but, not before paying a visit to 7-11 for some snacks. i wake up on the couch this morning hugging a bag of potato chips and my shoe.

good times.