Friday, September 22, 2006


do you ever make so many plans that you almost just want to stay home. it's thursday night i have plans to meet up with lauren and ryan, they gave me tix to the phoenix show at the wiltern, have plans to go with the misshapes to hyde where they are djing today, have plans to go with cory to paris hilton's party, have plans to go the us weekly party, have plans to hang with mike and andrea for dinner, have plans to hang out with luke for fun times. in the end i combine what i can and meet up with cory, nate, luke, mike and andrea for dinner at magnolia. it was nice. we order two bottles of champagne, i order a burger and andrea and nate order the most enormous artichokes ever and we then discuss all the wonderful things six people with moderately interesting lives can. luke asks the beautiful andrea if he can photograph her, she abides. looking forward to see how that shoot turns out. nate and cory happen to be big fans of ratatat. it was funny watching mike squirm at the compliments. we all makes plans to go the the next show in pomona. i decide to skip paris' house for some cocktails with mike and andrea at the social.

mike, andrea and i head to the social. we instantly run into melissa an her sweet boyfriend parker. they are playing pool and loving up on eachother. andrea happens to know chris holmes. they met new year's eve 2000 in iceland of all places. small world. we run into har mar, myles, sarah, james, sean patrick, the davids, mike runion, and more. we all drink our overpriced cocktails, play some board games (i suck at jenga), dance a little, smoke too many cigarettes, then the bar closes and we all convene onto sunset blvd. mike and andrea want an after party, i do too. chris invites us to a party at adam levine's house. we oblige and all head for the hills.

the after party happens to be at adam levine from maroon 5's house. we wind up beachwood canyon hills to the very top and at the end of a dead end road sits this gorgeous solid iron wall. and behind that wall sits levine's sweet lil bachelor pad. fifteen feet over resides the one, the only pee wee herman. i giggle silently to myself thinking that a few mere feet away a sweet lil pee wee herman is probably in a pee wee lil slumber. chris informs us that pee wee has been a wee pain to adam. he's called the cops on him a few times for his late night soirees. oh pee wee. we get into the house which is decorated in a very contemporary masculine vibe. adam is sitting guard in the kitchen with a case of budwiser cans nestled in his arms. as we enter we are each handed a can. he's a gracious host. i feel like i'm at a fancy frat party. adam is cool. the tables in the kitchen are littered with half drank bottles of grey goose, patron and johnnie walker and half eaten plates sushi of all kinds laying about. andrea and i pick the at the raw fish. not sure how long it was sitting there but we're still alive so i think all is good. the phoenix dudes show up. lovely french boys. i am instantly drawn to deck d'arcy the bass player. he is gorgeous and the french accent just throws it all over the top. i introduce them to mike. they exchange words about being fans of each other's bands. i suggest they all tour together, and bring me along of couse. we wind down the evening and all go to our prospective homes around 5AM.

good times.

mike and andrea

me and luke