Sunday, September 24, 2006


i did nothing yesterday. well mostly nothing. ran a few errands and then just full on solo time relaxing. i love when i get to do that. it's rare for me. i bought some fish ceviche from the 7 mares fish stand by my house and lounged on my couch for a few hours... i saved up my energy to meet up with nate, cory, alexi and jack. they all came over to my house around 8 and we kicked it to pomona to go check out ratatat's last show in socal before they head out. we arrive in pomona and meet up with the band dudes. they don't go on for another hour so we hop across the street for dinner. i guess it was 'the' fancy restaurant on the pomona strip. i ordered the penne arrabiata. it was decent. we got holy bread. alexi was excited. we wrap up dinner and head across the street to the venue.

i was the only one of us five who had seen the band before so i knew the kids were going to be blown away -- i think they were. alexi and cory were dancing queens, jack snapped away, and actually nate was a dancing queen as well. i will say it again. go see this band on tour. so damn good. we met up with mike's girlfriend andrea, she has got sweet energy. we all dance. dance. dance. dance. the show was packed. the smoke machines were a ruling. mike's hair defied gravity. over all an incredible show. we all hung out back stage after the set. then headed back out to the emptied club and had a full on dance party on the open floor. just us. i didn't have a single drink. impressed myself. we bid our farewells to mike and the ratatat dudes. andrea is in town a couple more days. she's hanging w/ jeremy scott today (another small world there). anyway, then we all head back to la. we had delusions of grandeur by thinking we could go out more. soon as we passed the buildings downtown on the 101 i knew that the only party i could do was a party in my bed -- solo. i'm going to bed before 5am for the first time in a while. happy.

good times.

ratatat live at glasshouse in pomona

mike stroud of ratatat

i smoke too much

alexi and jacob checking themselves out

cory hallway texting

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