Wednesday, September 20, 2006


so the lovely the misshapes are in town do dj some parties and we invited them to take part in our weekly cinepsace night. we decided to theme it ny vs. la and brought in misshapes and oxy cottontail to represent ny and then we had steve and jason 'them jeans' stewart reprezent the wessst side. prior to all the festivities we had to get our eat on. i try to make reservations for us at velvet margarita on cahuenga and they say it's best to show up and have drinks at the bar to get seated faster. so i drag mark with me to the restaurant at 8:45PM since we had already told everyone to meet us there at 9PM. we get there and some total over-aged frat party is taking place and taking up half the restaurant. i dubbed them the "yacht club". so obnoxious, and so just sitting there... they weren't eating, they weren't drinking, they weren't doing stripteases on the tables... so not only was the manager's advice way off but he was kind of rude too -- plus, they almost didn't let mark in b/c he was wearing shorts! our dinner friends arrive geordon, leigh and greg of misshapes and their cutie-as-pie entourage of one, jacksonnn, marvin of nylon magazine, roxy "oxy cottontail", and steve. we all squeeze into a tiny table once one finally opens an hour later. marvin brought a copy of the new nylon. it's got the photo we (mark, cory, steve, maggie, myself and boppy) did little while ago at mark's grandfather's house. i think they photoshopped eye makeup on me. or it may be shadows. i'm sure my mom will be proud that we are referred to as 'hollywood night crawlers', oh well. we all dine on our overpriced mexican food and cocktails and converse over our big huge halloween spectacle we are all putting on in nyc. it's going to be ridiculous i tell ya. somehow i get stuck with the bill managing. which i hate doing. especially when it's not sure if anyone was 'invited' or if we were all just eating together. i never assume someone else is going to pick up the tab but i have been witness when someone though i was going to pick up the tab. breaking their little hearts and asking them for $20 is hard. anyway, we end up $50 short and steve comes to the rescue. it's off to cinespace for the party-party.

here is the article in nylon.

cinespace was crazy, walked in with misshapes crew so we could let in their massive la entourage. i swear, they must have collections of kids all over the world. i escort them back to the vip/backstage and we pretty much stay there the rest of the night. steve, (r)oxy cottontail, misshapes + jacksonn, them jeans all dj awesome sets. i sat in the back room and smoked 2000 cigarettes and chatted with pals. the lovely hilary duff and joel madden showed up. i really love those two. so sweet. i haven't seen them since benji's bbq. i was in a totallly different situation then and have since 'recovered' so it was nice of them to inquire and be concerned. i love when friends you kind of know show love that some of your closest friends can't. big love to hilary and joel, two of my favorite la people again. dj am showed up too. nicole richie's ex-fiance. he's a swell fella. really nice and very funny and kind of hot. hmmm....

as we do every tuesday we had an after party at the dim mak hq. the after parties usually consist of the drinking of svedka and rockstar energy drinks, drinking of red stripe and playing of poker and socializing. i had mentioned to steve that we really needed a decent conference table. he instead bought an enormous poker table with lid on it. conference table that coverts into vegas like that. some pretty big ballers have come to our dingy offices for late night poker matches. this night's big spenders were steve, dj am, jason stewart, mark cobrasnake, matt and a few other fellas. i think jason was the winner, but i was too wasted to notice. hanging with misshapes crew, cc vogue, chris, jacksonn and more.

fun times.