Thursday, September 21, 2006


this week is kind of busy so i figured i'd rent a car to get from place to place. i have jacob the intern (paid intern - our first) take me to a cheap car rental place in burbank yesterday. super sketchy place. two armenian dudes at the counter. while i'm trying to rent a car one is trying to sell me a car and the other is asking me about my real estate needs. i politely decline both and just ask for the car. when my bright red hyundai accent pulls up i go to inspect it. i circle some scratches on the paper. one of the dudes comes over and yells 'what is that!' i tell him i see a slight scratch on the car there and don't want them to think i did it. he writes down "1 inch scratch". then i get blocked on both sides by the two dudes and am kind of strong-armed into not checking the rest of the car nor given back the paper to write more faults. i bet you all by saturday i'll be owning that car after all. i'm scared.

with my shiny new red car rental i go to the drugstore and buy hooker red nail polish and bright red lipstick. i figure a girls gotta match. my lovely friend mike stroud is in town with his ridiculously amazing band ratatat. they are playing a sold out troubadour show. his beautiful girlfriend andrea is also in town. i get crushes on couples like you wouldn't believe, jack & rachel, hilary and joel, mike and andrea, alexi and chris, ryan and lauren... too cute for words. these two have been going strong for like three years. andrea and mike met in iceland i think. andrea was working with bjork, mike fell in love. anway, the show was amazing. i was blown away. so fucking good. i highly suggest everyone go out and see the band on tour. amazing. mike, evan (other member of ratatat), andrea and some of evans friends and i all hang in the backstage drinking jameson and eating pinkberry yogurt. it was lovely.

i get 1000 text messages from geordon saying to come meet him and leigh and cc vogue and jacksonn for dinner. it was on the misshapes corporate credit card. they invited ratatat too. we are all heading there when mike and crew get sidetracked to their hotel. i didn't hear from them again until 4am. sidetracked by some potent joints i think. anyway, lovely late dinner with the crew at magnolia. geordan and crew grab their limo/driver and head back to hotel. i grab my rental and follow. we all climed into bed together and watched school of rock. i passed out in the first minute of the movie. sweet slumber party.

good times.